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2020 RHH FINAL Results
Tournament 10 standings
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Club Tournament Rules

2020 Club Tournament Results

Rockford Hawg Hunter Club Tournaments

(Members Only)

  • Based on a maximum of 20 placement points per tournament.
  • Tournament winner will be awarded 20 points with points awared in descending order for each place of finish (i.e. 2nd place = 19, 3rd place = 18 etc.).
  • All participants will accumulate poit for their place of finish.
  • In the event that there is a tie for any place of finish, those participants will split the point value for that place of finish + the value of the next place down evenly (i.e. Joe and David both weighed 10.00 lbs. each, for a tie at 10th place, so both of them will be awared 10.5 points [11+10=21/2=10.5] for that tournament and the next highest finisher will be awarded 9 points).
  • 1 point is then added to the participants placement score per full pound of fish weighed in.
    • (i.e. a weight of 3.45 lbs. would get an additional 3.45 points added to the place of finish points)
  • Members that participate but do not weigh in fish will not be awarded participation points.
  • Final yearend results are based on a maximum 7 of a possible 10 (or 6 of 9 in the event a regularly scheduled event is canceled by the Tournament Director) tournaments for the year. Each participant will choose which three tournaments to drop from their yearend results.
  • EXAMPLE: A person weighing in 7.85 lbs and finishing 5th in the tournament would receive 16 points for placing 5th and 7.85 points in wieight for a total of 23.85 points for the event.
  • RAMP PAYOUTS: will be based on total weight only for both Big Bass and team total. The above points system is for determining Angler of the Year (AOY or Mr. Bass) and post season rankings only.

Club Tournament Scoring

Single Event Example: (With tie for 10th place)

Results Name Weight Points Total
1 Kevin V. 14.20 20 34.20
2 Russ L. 13.95 19 32.95
3 Aaron M. 10.15 18 28.15
4 Gerald S. 9.60 17 26.60
5 Dean R. 8.80 16 24.80
6 Boyd D. 5.55 15 20.55
7 Skeet R. 4.25 14 18.25
8 Shaw G. 2.36 13 15.36
9 Greg H. 1.75 12 13.75
10 Paul E. 1.50 10.5 12.00
11 Michael I. 1.50 10.5 12.00
12 Jeff K. 1.25 9 10.25
13 Edwin E. 0.00 0 0.00


Club Tournament Leaderboard

April 19, Sun. Mississippi River Pool 13 Marquette Park, Savanna, IL (Alt. 8/15/20)

April 26, Sun. Rock River Open – Hosting (club fund raiser)

May 2, Sat. Lake Monona Olin Park, Madison, WI

May 3, Sun. Lake Waubesa Lake Farm, Madison, WI

May 9, Sat. Lake Geneva (TBF Qualifier)

May 17, Sun. Whitewater Lake,  Whitewater, WI

June 7, Sun. Big Green (TBF Qualifier)

June 14, Sun. Lake Wisconsin, Whalens Grade, Poynette WI

June 28, Sun. Madison Chain (TBF Qualifier)

July 12, Sun. Lake Mendota Warner Park, Madison WI

Aug 1, Sat. Miss. River Pool 12 Ferry Landing, Galena, IL

Aug, 29, Sat. Big Green Dodge Memorial Park, Green Lake WI

Sept 13, Sun. Lake Geneva, Williams Bay, WI

Sept 26 & 27, Sat & Sun, TBF National Semi Final, Leech Lake MN

Oct 4, Sun. Lake Delavan, Community Park, Delavan, WI




April 10, Sun.  Lake Whitewater (paper tournament), State Park Road, Whitewater, WI

April 24, Sun. Rock River Open, Wootton Park, Beloit, WI

May 7, Sat.      Big Green, Dodge Memorial Park, Green Lake, WI

May 14, Sat. TBF National Semi Final Qualifier, Lake Geneva, WI

May 22, Sun.   Lake Delavan (paper tournament), Community Park, Delavan, WI

June 5, Sun. TBF National Semi Final Qualifier, Lake Wisconsin, WI

June 12, Sun.  Lake Monona, Olin Park, Madison, WI

June 26, Sun. TBF National Semi Final Qualifier, Mississippi River Pools 4 & 5, Alma, WI

July 10, Sun. TBF Two Man Team Tournament & Qualifier (TBF members), Madison, WI

July 16, Sat.    Mississippi River Pool 4Alma, Wi

July 17, Sun.    Mississippi River Pool 5Alma, Wi

July 31, Sun.    Lake Mendota, Warner Park, Madison WI

Aug. 20, Sat.   Mississippi River Pool 13, Marquette Park, Savanna, IL

Sept 10-11, Sat-Sun. Federation National Semifinals, Lake Vermillion, MN   

Sept 18, Sun.   Lake Tichigan, Waterford boat launch, Waterford, WI    

Oct. 1, Sat.       Mississippi River Pool 13, Marquette Park, Savanna, IL

2024 Club Tournament Schedule

2021 Club Tournament Schedule

April 17, Sat. Lake Monona (paper tournament), Olin Park, Madison, WI

May 1, Sat. Winnebago Chain Federation Qualifier

May 15, Sat. Mississippi River Pool 13, Marquette Park, Savanna, IL

May 23, Sun. Big Green, Dodge Memorial Park, Big Green, WI

June 5, Sat. Lake Mendota, Warner Park, Madison WI

June 13, Sun. Sturgeon Bay Federation Qualifier

June 26, Sun. Pools 8, 9 & 10 Federation Qualifier

July 10, Sat. Mississippi River Pool 4, Alma, Wi

July 11, Sun. Mississippi River Pool 5, Alma, Wi

Aug. 21, Sat. Mississippi River Pool 13, Marquette Park, Savanna, IL

Sept 11, Sat. Geneva Lake, William's Bay, WI

Sept 25-26, Sat-Sun. Sturgeon Bay Federation National Semifinals            

Oct 10, Sun. Lake Delavan (paper tournament), Community Park, Delavan, WI

2022 Club Tournament Schedule

April 21 (Sun)   - Lake Tichigan (Waterford)

April 28 (Sun)   - Rockford Hawg Hunters' Rock River Open                                             (Wooton Park)

May 4 (Sat)      - Lake Kegonsa (Fish Camp)

May 18 (Sat)    - Big Green (Dodge Memorial Park)

May 19 (Sun)   - Fox Lake (Dodge County WI.)

June 2 (Sun)   - Lake Waubesa (Lake Farm)

June 8 (Sat)    - Qualifier #1 Madison Chain (Green Lantern)

June 23 (Sun) - Qualifier #2 Big Green (Dodge County Park)

June 30 (Sun) - Qualifier #3 Mississippi Pools 7, 8, 9 (Stoddard)     July 7 (Sun)     -Madison Chain WBF Open Team Tournament                                       (Green Lantern)

July 13 (Sat)    - Mississippi Pool 4 (Alma Marina)

July 14 (Sun)   - Mississippi Pool 5 (Alma Boat Ramp)

August 11 (Sun) - Lake Mendota (Warner Park)

September 7 & 8 - National Semi Final Lake Le Homme                                                    Dieu, Alexandria, MN (Sat & Sun)   

September 29 (Sun) - Lake Delavan (Community Park)

October 12 (Sat) – Lake Monona (Olin Park)

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